Morgan AC20 deluxe into my AC30 speakers


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I am getting my Morgan AC20 deluxe on Monday. But the cab won't be here for a week or so.

I have a UK vox ac30 with celestion blues. I want to test out the morgan through my vox 2x12's when it gets here. I know my AC30 is 16ohms. What ohms should i use for the ac20 deluxe? 8ohms or 16ohms to plug into my 2x12 celestion blues?

Don't want to mess anything up.

I could just play it save and be patient until the morgan cab arrives. But that might just be too hard to do. :bonk


The 2x12 of blues will be 2 8ohm speakers in series, which adds up to 16ohms.

So it's 16 ohms your ac20 needs to be set to.

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