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Sold Morgan Dual 40 + 2x12 cab *Price Drop

Hello I'm looking to sell this amazing amp just because its just too big for what I do with my guitar playing and I'm looking more for a combo for the extra room but let me tell you this amp is a beast. I love it and don't want to sell it but i have to. It has amazing sparkly cleans and the gain is definitely voxy but with a different flavor. It takes pedals better than any other amp ive ever played. It's really an amazing amp and whoever gets it will absolutely love it... I stole the specs and stuff off their website and the Matching cab has a gold and a blue in it as well... theyre broke in quite nicely btw :) If you have any questions just shoot me a PM Thanks for looking! Looking for $2000 PPG and Shipped but shoot me some offers!

Dual 40

The Dual 40 is a dual channel 40 watt amp. The first channel is an all topboost-style full tone stack (treb/mid/bass) with a pull bright on the volume. The second channel is based around the normal channel like the AC20. This channel only has a volume control with a pull bright, so you can dial in the tone with the global cut control much like the AC20. The Dual 40 also features power scaling.

  • Two channels
  • power level control
  • Global cut control
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Hand made hand selected coupling capacitors
  • 4x EL84
  • 3x 12AX7
  • GZ34 rectified

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