Morley Power Wah Reissue vs original


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I am on the quest for info!

I am a self confessed clean boost and wah junkie and have recently become very interested in the Morley Power Wah/Boost/Volume pedals.

Does anyone have experience in both the originals and Reissues? I am not interested in the 'tremonti' one, just standard production reissue or prefereable an original.
One of my all time fave Canadian (Vancouver) bands called "SLOW" had a guitar player who used one. He also used it in Circle C/Copyright. HE had great tone and style and these pedals are of huge interest to me.

I gue4ss what I am after is information on how they differ from re-ish to orig sonically etc...

I have a great wah and a few clean boosts already (RMC Wizard wah 60s Vox King wah, Maestro Boomer 2 wah, and a Union More clean boost, Spaceman Mercury III boost and Zvex SHO Hand wired blah blah blah). But, I am now interested, err obsessed in finding out more on the Morleys!

Thanks for the help/advice in advance. also if anyone knows of any original ones with the AC only input in chrome for sale let me know!



I'm looking at a 70s morley wah and wanted to know about them as well. No info seems to be around on them.

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