most amps you ever played through at one time!


alright, let's get stanky up in this mofo!!

list'em babe, along with the occasion and reaction of any witnesses - if they survived :Devil!!

for me:

at home I hooked up an insane amount of gear once, I think 8 amps... no y-split/AB box so i put the powerful ones at the end of the chain. I think it was a bunch of fender amps, like a concert, super, tweed pro, champ, deluxe... my neighbors were like "uhhh... we have ears"

then at a gig, I played 4 at once... a supro taurus, a brown super, tweed champ and a reverb unit... well i guess that's only 3. I play harp, and am not the band leader... so the leader of the group was shaking his head, and said, "I only use one." then walked away in disgust!


My gig rig for a while was A Reverend Hellhound with ext. cab, a Legend Rock&Roll 50, and a Fender solid state. Used a Lynch 3 way and I could mix any combination. All 3 sounded great, love the Fender clean mixed in with the Legend and Reverend crunch... I've since simplified with an Orange R30 and single cab.


Boogie MK III long chassis head (85Watts) into a Marshall 4x12 cab the speakers were 99db ers.
the line out went to a Yamaha REX50 that had stereo outputs.
One side went to a HiWATT Custom 50 head and Marshall4x12 and the other side went to a Marshall JCM800 2204 head and Marshall 4x12. All cranked -in my parents basement. This was in the late 80s. Needless to say we were wearing ear protection.
You could hear it clear as day in the middle of the culdesac we lived on...

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