Most Authentic Sounding Triangle Big Muff/Foxey Lady Fuzz for Frippertonics Sound?


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I saw Fripp and Crimson many times in the early 70's and his small pedal board consisted of a Wah, Three Knob Guild Foxey Lady and a Volume Pedal. I had an original Foxey Lady back in the day and would like to try to get as close as possible to the original Triangle Muff/Foxey Lady sound with a new clone.

Ones that come to mind...
- Stomp Under Foot
- Wren & Cuff Tri Pie 70
- Other?

Anyone who knows the tone I am seeking and has an idea please let me know and thanks!

BTW...this be the one:


+1 On Basic Audio--John really knows his stuff, very musical ear for tuning, and works with original source material in planning his builds--everything I have from him has been great. That said--I love the sound of the Shoe Robert--once I get off my mod kick, I'm planning on trying one out.

The ARC Crimson King is made by another great builder, but its a Buzzaround--different circuit, different Fripp-sound, different Fripp-time (pretty much ITKOTCK and before, maybe ITWOP). I will also note that Frippertronics tends to sound like Fripp no matter what dirt source he uses, but I'm sure you've noticed that and are attuned to the tonal subtleties.

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