Most overrated/underrated dirt pedals?


damn...I think the Morley Distortion Boost should get more sounds great!

I was disapointed by the Wampler Pinnacle and Maxon OD-9...

Which pedals were/are your big love at second sight
and which went straight into the toy box after glory and G.A.S met reality?

Fred Smith

Underrated = Source Audio Multiwave Distortion

Every guitarist needs this in his/her bag of tricks.

Every heavy metal guitarist needs it, too. The advantage becomes apparent when there are two guitarists. The guitarist using the Multiwave is immediately sonically differentiated from the guitarist using the traditional amp or pedal distortion rig.
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I got a J. Rockett Touch recently and it was phenomenal. I wouldn't call it underrated since most people don't know about it but they would. Dan from TPS has used it with his AC30 a few times but it was never really featured. It was just there.


Agree with TS being overrated.

I have a Maxon OD808 which I still use, but I find it a bit temperamental depending on guitar amp combo. It can sound like s#!t if you get it wrong, and I use it only sparingly/subtley. It isn't a must have tone enhancer.

Compressors are generally underrated because I think most peeps think it "doesn't do very much, so why would I buy one?". These definitely make everything sound better imo.
EDIT: Why is Comp an OD/Dirt pedal? Well like OD and Dirt pedals it alters the gain and tonal structure of the signal path... its an amplifier. Some compressors can get quite gritty, some will happily dollop amp crunching boost into your signal. I hear people describe them as "Clean Overdrives" and that final all important characteristic... SUSTAIN... bags of it.


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Underated: Wampler Sovereign. That thing is so dang versatile and sounds awesome. The mid contour knob is such a useful control, combined with the onboard switches. It's a distortion, it's an overdrive, and everything in between. I don't hear people raving about this pedal nearly enough.

Overrated: Classic Tubescreamer of any sort. I just recoil at the sound of them. I hate that nasally mid thing. Just not my bag.


Overrated : Timmy

Underrated : I've been saying for years that the Mxr GT-OD is damn great overdrive but now that Josh from JHS made a video that says it's underrated I guess they'll pop out on boards soon hahah
It seems like I can't get rid of the GT-OD. I keep replacing it with much more expensive and TGP-esque ODs, but it keeps coming back to my board.

Matt Griffin

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I'm a bit of a broken record here but ...
1. Fairfield Barbershop: gets nothing but love when it comes up, but doesn't come up enough. Best sparkly light gain OD I've tried. I actually rock the Modele B always on version. Tiny box, killer tone.
2. Union Tube and Transistor: every pedal is a work of tone craftsmanship. I love that they almost never include a tone knob because the tone is the pedal, bud. Sadly they often get slammed for being "too expensive." Crazy talk. The "bean counter versions" are $100 USD cheaper for the same enclosure and guts, and shipping and tax are included (at least in Canada). Once you do that math, they're totally reasonable. I'd really urge folks that are still searching for a sound in their heads to spend some time investigating their wide variety of options, and plug one in to hear for themselves. The Swindle finally got me what I was after.

Meh. I don't know. TS's are fine for what they are. Tone is in the ear of the beholder – plug it in and rock it, if you dig it.


Overrated: Bluesbreakers, Tubescreamers, Klones, OCD. All of these have been so oversaturated in the market that everyones' tone just sounds the exact same. Personally I think I'm at the point where I don't really want anything that anyone could describe as "transparent". I want unique-ish texture.

Underrated: Stacking 2 or 3 low to medium gain overdrives/distortions together that all have unique characters to them, and then using the guitar's controls to get unique variations. Treble boosters stacked with other things seem to be fairly underrated still although they are getting more appreciation recently.

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