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Most unique 90’s guitar tone


Gold Supporting Member
If unique is the criteria, hard to see how Morello or Shields don’t win!
Morello was the first to pop in my head. I'd hear a Rage or (venturing into the 00s) Audioslave track and I just knew it was Tom. My Bloody Valentine was also very identifiable -- guitars sounding like animals, walls of sound and layers of vocals. Loveless is one of my favorite records from the 90s.
Billy Corgan sure stood out from the others....you certainly could tell a Pumpkins tune from any other....and still can
I was going to say Billy as well. I think he’s underrated as a guitar player. I know the Pumpkins were lumped in with the rest of the alternative bands of the day, but the band -especially Billy and Jimmy Chamberlin- were fantastic musicians and their music was quite complex and well written.


Eric Schenkman from Spin Doctors. What a nice chunky Strat tone.

A lot of people don't realize what a great live band the Spin Doctors were in the early 90s. Nothing against their pop hits, but they had serious stage chemistry and were fun, (mostly) unpretentious entertainers. Of all the early 90s jam bands I saw, they got people dancing more than any other.


I can’t think of a more rich, saturated, yet clear recorded guitar tone from the 90’s that isn’t Dean DeLeo’s. I have no idea how he did it, but damn.
My saddest day in my guitar history was the day the Demeter TGP-3 I bought on ebay for $500USD arrived home. Poorly packed and damaged heavily in transit, I had to file a USPS/Canada Post claim. Twenty year old me didn't have the extra cash to think about getting it repaired. Off to Canada Post for the claim, I never saw it again.

Perhaps, I'll see if there is one kicking around on Reverb or new?

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