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Most unique 90’s guitar tone

Gas Hed

My saddest day in my guitar history was the day the Demeter TGP-3 I bought on ebay for $500USD arrived home. Poorly packed and damaged heavily in transit, I had to file a USPS/Canada Post claim. Twenty year old me didn't have the extra cash to think about getting it repaired. Off to Canada Post for the claim, I never saw it again.

Perhaps, I'll see if there is one kicking around on Reverb or new?
Did it play at all? Did you get a chance to hear anything from it? I'm very curious about this amp now for sure.
Trey Anastasio
Thank You. At the time, his tone was completely unusual- hollowbody fat jazz tones run through 2 tube screamers to make for a singing, controlled feedback to blow the doors off of what is essentially prog rock was completely unique.

The other 90s guitar sound that was completely unique at the time was the sounds Trent Reznor was getting on the Downward Spiral and the records that followed it. Those gritty, bit reduced, failing DAC crushed tones were totally unique at the time and unlike anything anyone else was doing. Very cool sounds.
Aaron North - The Icarus Line especially Penance Soiree.
It's like an alien junkyard orchestra, really sublime otherworldly mixture of smells, attitude and hidden overtone locations.


Did it play at all? Did you get a chance to hear anything from it? I'm very curious about this amp now for sure.
I did. It sounded amazing aside from a major buzz. The metal case was severely dented. If this had occurred today, I would have contacted Demeter and see what could have been done. Definitely a regret.


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I was going to mention the tone on Queens of the Stone Age "No One Knows" but just looked it up and it was released in 2002. So i'll throw my vote behind those that talked about Achtung Baby (a total masterpiece)


If I remember correctly he said in a GW interview around the time of Tiny Music that he was using a lot of P90s and teles along with weird old small tube combos cranked all the way up.

I think Core was mostly his Demeter pre and VHT 2150 with a Les Paul.
Very Saturated but with a Clean Breath Underneath. Just Like Jimmy Page in alot of Anthemic Led Zeppelin.

John 14:6

First names that came to my mind were James Mankey from Concrete Blonde and Dean DeLeo on the first Stone Temple Pilots record. Jerry Cantrell on Jar Of Flies and the guy from the Spin Doctors too. I am sure there are some others I am missing also.

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