Motu 24i and PC interface???

I have a Hp Pc and want to use a Motu 24i. I need to interface with the Motu and the PC . Previously, I ran a Mac with a 324 card but now I want to use a Pc running Vista. How do I Interface the Motu? Is there a PC based card to interface with the motu 24i? If so is there a best bang for the buck? Thanks much, Spin


I'm no expert at this particular interface but I believe when you connect it to your PC using the firewire port from the back of the interface to the back of your desktop PC, all 24 tracks should be able to transfer though the firewire and into your PC.

Do remember vista drivers may not be out for this interface yet which I have run into for some of my studio gear but I'm sure they will be out sooner or later if not already.

Also your PC specs must be high if you plan on recording a large amount of tracks all at one time. If you don't have a fast computer, (and vista doesn't help being a RAM hog) then your PC will lag and mess with your recordings.


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The card is supposed to be cross-platform. Does the new computer use a different type of pci slot? If not, it's just a matter of installing the PC drivers. The firewire looking port on the back of the 24i is proprietary, IIRC, and doesn't support firewire.
remember that a 324 was built in 2001 so it wont fit into a current computer slot. On the motu site it said this card was designed for the older pent. III type computers.. Is there a diff card by a diff manufacturer that will work in place of the 324.. so that it fits into the pci express slot on currently built computers..?


You'll probably need to buy the latest version of the card which is a 424. They have it available in PCI or PCIx (which is more common on newer computers)

It runs about $300.

I recently had to upgrade my pci-324 card to the PCIx-424 card to run my Motu 24i on an HP box running Vista.

Check Motu's website. They have information about compatibility, but I think if Vista is what you want to run on, you will need the new card.

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