MOTU- Anyone use AudioDesk?

Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by Brusco, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Brusco

    Brusco Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    Phila area
    I'm looking into Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) 896HD FireWire Audio Interface. It comes with "AudioDesk". I know most seem to be using Pro Tools or whatever... I'm wondering if anyone has experience with AudioDesk and if I could change to some other recording software down the road if I wanted to use something else.

    Another question: No matter what interface I use to record with (MOTU or say RME FireFace or Digi002, etc.) Will those initial tracks (takes) recorded be in a useable format no matter which software or interface I change to down the road?

    This stuff just confuses the hell out of me. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Unburst

    Unburst Member

    Jan 19, 2004
    Portland, OR
    The Audiodesk software that MOTU bundles with it's interfaces is essentially a stripped down, audio only version of the excellent Digital Performer.
    As a long time Performer uses I'd highly recommend Audiodesk for basic recording and, if you like it, you could later upgrade to Performer with a minimal learning curve.

    Audiodesk (and Performer) uses sd-II format audio files, the same ones used in Pro Tools. These are time stamped with the song position they were recorded at, so you could import them into a PT session and PT will know where to put them in the track.

    It's the software, not the hardware, that decides what format your audio files are recorded in. As long as the sample rate and bit depth match you can usually import from one app to another, but not all formats have the time stamping.
  3. anoxia01

    anoxia01 Member

    Jun 2, 2005
    Irvine, Ca
    Another program that I recommend you that check out is SteinbergÂ’s Cubase SX. This program is made for musicians who want to record. Very easy lay out to follow. It also has a ton of midi capabilities, so if you do a lot of midi stuff this program is perfect for that also. I currently use Cubase SX 3.0 and I love it. Hope you find something you like.

  4. jbird327

    jbird327 Member

    Jun 9, 2004
    Phila., PA
    I use an 896 along with Cubase SX (on a PC). Audiodesk is a MAC only software.
  5. PacoCasanovas

    PacoCasanovas Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Langenthal, Switzerland
    i use Audiodesk when i'm working on OSX! Prepares you for Digital Performer! But i prefer Emagic Logic Audio 6.3.1 on OS9.2, works best on my old Mac

    i have a Motu828mk2 and my iBook G3/500Mhz (yes..500Mhz! :p )


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