MP FGC vs. Diamond


i havent tried the Diamond, I do have a FGC though.. before that I had an Analogman mini bi-comp, which was great for that squishy effect. I had tred other compressors but didnt like most of them.

The FGC is a different animal, it enchances the tone and gives a more present feel whenever I stomp on it, in sustain mode it leaves the dynamics and attack untouched and gives amazing sustain. In compress mode with the comp knob low, you get a nice feel without much compression, it is really transparent, when you turn the knob higher it still maintains dynamics a fair amount and gives a slighly squished feel that needed for funk and single-note lines.

I love the FGC that I almost always have it ON, at low compression settings. I still miss the bi-comp and will get another sooner or later for that effect, but the FGC gets much more use, its more transparent and as I said its almost always on as it enchaines my tone and gives a nice feel.

I would love to try the Diamond, but when I had to choose which one to get, I decided to get the MP because it seemed to me more versatile as It can be as transparent as you want and also able to get a fair amount of compression and squish if needed, the Sustain mode is a great feature and it takes up less space.


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Yep! I have the BJFE Pine Green Deluxe, which has the similiar sustain function (and similiar feel as the MP one from what I hear).

Agree with Konstantine - its pretty much always on for me in sustain mode. Initial note attack is not compromised at all, and after the compressor kicks in its a very quiet one- and wide bandwidth.. you dont hear the sounds EQ chaging in the highs once compressed - just natural sounding sustain.

You CAN dial it in for more squish, but if that is what you are after I think you will miss what this pedal nails the best. As BobbyD said- "its the compressor for guitarists who hate compressors".



I use the MP FGC, and also echo what others are saying.
Ive tried loads, not the diamond though.. but for me, I use it set low, and to keep my full body of sound but with a compressed signal (I know it doesn't make sence) but with the body knob, it makes a world of difference to your tone, I was very anti compressors in a way, as most just squish and tone suck. but this is far from that.. its rich with flavour and really warms things up very nicely. - I now never turn the thing off!


Just like people say the Little Green wonder is the TS for people that don't like TS.
I think the PGC/FGC is the compressor for people that don't like compressors!
It's not as squishy as other compressors...something more musical about it than other comps I've played. You can leave it on with just modest setting and it adds that extra zing, that you notice when you turn it off.


Not having tried one, the only thing that bothers me about the MP is it's alot of $$. I've had my Diamond for 3 yrs and while I love it, I keep trying comps. I've even tried the RAF Mirage and Strymon OB.1 but ended up keeping the Diamond.

My next comp is going to be the Okko CocaComp, it's somewhat under the radar but has always gotten stellar reviews. So dont' forget about this one. Not sure if it is optical or not.


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I would urge everyone in the comp market to give serious consideration to the Providence Velvet Comp--it's VERY good!

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