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Mr. Black Supermoon crackle/clipping/distortion/overload

Hi there.
Firstly, apologies in advance. I am about to write a lot of words!

I have a problem with my new Mr. Black Supermoon clipping. Sounds like a crackly, overloaded type distortion in the wet signal of the pedal. It's very harsh and unmusical. It actually sounds like a fire crackling!
It happens usually when I have the Decay and Reverb up on full, but sometimes even when one OR both controls are at 3 o'clock. (Sway has little effect on crackle). I am using a normal 335 type guitar with normal humbuckers. My lower output guitar with p90s causes less crackle but it does happen occasionally if I dig into the strings more and work the reverb tail up into a nice swampy soup of misty mountain top.

I am a reverb addict. And I like to stack reverb units. I like reverbs to get massive and consuming. I've been doing it for most of my adult life. But this pedal doesn't seem to like being placed after another reverb. Particularly my TC Trinity T2. If I have the mix of the T2 up anywhere past halfway the Supermoon crackles out of control and is basically UNUSABLE. And I don't want to put it before another reverb, because I lose the definition of the Supermoon's gorgeous modulation.

Is this normal?? Do my fellow Supermoon users experience this at deep settings? Or am I one of only a few in the world who like things on full?

Or do I have a faulty unit?
Is this pedal really not supposed to be used with its controls on full? If not, why is this not stated anywhere, and why would it be designed with controls that can even go that high, if the circuit can't handle it? I've read somewhere that Mr. Deville designs everything to 110%, but I'm sometimes not even going 100% and the dreaded crackle creeps in!
Is it not designed to be placed AFTER any other effects either? If not, why not?

I've read in a few places about reverb pedal crackle (like here: http://bit.ly/2iW8I1t) that 18v power supply can eliminate it.
Has anyone tried their Supermoon on 18v to any avail?

And before you ask, I HAVE tried different cables in and out so that's not the problem. It's also not the amp because I've tried replacing the Supermoon in the signal with both the Trinity T2 on full (which can get LOUD), and a volume boost, and they don't cause any unpleasant/unmusical overload on the amp's front end. So the overload/crackle is happening INSIDE the Supermoon circuit.

The only place it doesn't crackle is in my Fender Hot Rod's effects loop (not really sure why). But I would rather have it out front where it sounds prominent. The definition and clarity of the pedal's effect gets lost in the fx loop. Also, I have various amps that I use that don't have fx loops.
I bought it new from Andertons in the UK. I am taking it back on Friday to compare it to another Supermoon to see if mine is a dud. And most probably return it or exchange it for something else, if it's a standard issue problem. Cus otherwise I'll just never use it and that's my money out the window!

The switch button on mine is a hard press button. Like, REALLY hard. It's hard to do it with my fingers and I don't mind saying that I have STRONG fingers! Is this standard? I'm sure I've seen a YouTube demo where a guy gingerly taps his on and off with his "city hands" (Jaws anyone?).

Anyone else's Supermoon (or other Mr. Black) have a loose led plastic housing cap?

Can anyone recommend a different HUGE reverb pedal that can handle extreme settings, preferably with a sea-sickness inducing modulation and lush trail? Andertons stock the Neunaber Stereo Wet, which I'm quite interested in. I'm used to the whole digital computer control thing cus I've got a TC Trinity...

All this might sound very pessimistic and negative. But it's all frustration because I ADORE THE ALGORITHM ON THIS PEDAL! I just want it to work properly, so badly!

Thanks in advance.

Jack DeVille

Start here:

If concerns persist, speak with andertons. They're great folks and will take care of you.

Do not run the pedal at anything except the specified 9VDC power.

It can take controls set to full Max. Trust me, I designed it.

We use a VERY heavy duty switch and yes it can be stiff. It also outlasts everything we've seen.

If the LED bezel popped up, just press it back down and it will click into place. :)
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@Jack DeVille

Thanks so much for the reassurance, Jack. And for your prompt response! I should have just emailed you direct!

Thanks for the literature. Unfortunately nothing there sheds any light on my mysterious case.

Based on what I've read about your pedals, I'd be surprised if design or quality were the issue. But I still haven't managed to single out the cause of it.
I'll take it to Andertons anyway cus I do want to try another rig (guitars/amp/etc etc) to see if anything my end could be the problem, but I've been pretty meticulous in testing, so I can't imagine what is going wrong.
I only have one amp here in UK as my other rig is in Sweden, so hopefully if Andertons' gear works for me, so will my second rig!

Re: the switch. I'm glad the stiffness is for strength!
Re: led bezel, i've pressed harder and now it seems fine. Thanks!

Will keep you posted on what happens at the shop...
So I took my Supermoon back to Andertons and tested it with a few different guitars and a clean amp. And it crackled again. So I tried another Supermoon, and it crackled too! The guy with me was also very surprised.
It only seemed to happen when Mix and Decay are on full and with humbuckers (Gibson Les Paul STD). A single coiled strat was fine.

So I handed mine over with a sad heart and exchanged it.



My Supermoon hasn't ever crackled, but the plastic LED thing did pop up though.

My only complaint is that the pedal doesn't have trails, although I've worked around it in ther way I play...although it would be such a sweet bonus if it did.

I think really, yourt best bet now is to get a Blue Sky. Sounds like anything else is going to underwhelm you.


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Mine had a loose led indicator but never crackle. Bought mine new.


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Hmm I've never had a problem with any of my Mr black reverb pedals crackling but I also play guitars with very low output tv jones pickups.

But even when I play with a dirt loud turned up loud in front of the reverb it still doesn't affect it.


The structural integrity of the unit, based on what you said, might be iffy. Mr. Black's pedals are generally high-quality.

I experience amp "crackling" quite frequently when I have different reverbs and delays going that turn into run away oscillation. I've always thought this to be normal and a sign to either KEEP GOING UNTIL MELTDOWN or take my foot off the gas a bit. I'd try it in a few different spots in your signal chain before anything drastic,


My Sheppard end popped when I hit the switch. Customer support had me cycle the switch a number of times and the issue went away. No issues since with any of my mr black pedals.

Jack DeVille


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