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MT tube preamp (based sunn model-T)



MT tube preamp is designed on the base of the section of preamp of guitar amplifier SUNN Model-T of 1973 on two ECC83 S (12ax7 EH) tubes. In fact it is a channel tube of our pedal “tube beta hybrid” in a separate box, but there is one difference. This preamp has got two regulators of gain. Normal and Bright ( as amplifier Sunn Model-T) It gives possibility to change “brightness” of the signal smoothly.

Our preamp has TRUE BYPASS operated by relay. It works so that when power supply disappears (ex: someone pulled out the cord by a foot by chance) the pedal switches into mode bypass and sound doesn’t disappear.


  • tube 2 X JJ ECC83 S (12AX7 EH)
  • gain N (normal)
  • gain Br. (bright)
  • bass
  • mid
  • treb
  • level
  • true bypass
  • U - 12 VAC 1000 mA (minimum)
  • power plug 5.5mm x 2,1mm
  • Dimension of the box: 144 mm x 120 mm x 58 mm ( on the level of knobs)

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