Muff for rythm (Colossus, Hoof, Manx)

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by mrwrang, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. mrwrang

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    Sep 11, 2011
    looking for a muff for rythm, with a quick snappy attack and good string definition. Have used a black russian muff, too scooped, but great clarity other than that. All of the pedals mentioned have some way of bringing back some mids, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Looking for something in the Dinosaur Jr Ballpark (Start Choppin' is a great example).
    Playing low output single coils and medium p90s into a Marshall 18w that is breaking up a little bit, like clean crunch.
    I can try the manx before I buy, the hoof can be returned, Colossus is used, no returns.
    you thoughts on this?

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