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Sold Mule Resonator #103 W/hsc !pics Added!


For sale is my Mule Resonator, biscuit bridge, single cone, no cutaway and no pickup in this one. Low 100’s serial no.

I will get pics up in the next day or two but in the meantime it looks very similar to the link below, please message me here with an email if you want some pics emailed


Wait list for one of these is currently 10 months, save some time and money on this amazing Resonator. I bought this from the elderly original owner who did not gig it and it hasn’t left my home studio in the 18 months I’ve owned it.

Link to Mule site:

$2100 shipped and Paypal’d in CONUS

Primarily looking for cash offers so please hold trade bait to a minimum ... going to be very selective on any trades but I never say never... partials that bring back a good chunk of cash will be considered.

Maybe in the market for the following in the right deal:

- Lap Steel of some sort + Cash
- T style partscaster + Cash (ie; MJT builds with nice hardware and pups)
- Strymon Flint + Cash

I’m in MA if an in person deal is possible let me know and we can talk about working it out but will certainly ship anywhere in CONUS and CA.
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