Multi funtion pedals that don't compromise sound quality... name em!

Dr. Tweedbucket

Deluxe model available !!!11
I like the TC electronics pedals, especially the Nova distortion-overdrive. That pedal can turn a single channel amp into a three channel amp really easy and sound great doing it! I like all the different variations you can set up into patches.

You ?


I tried out an M9 that seemed to alter my tone quite a bit, and my M5 does too, to a lesser extent.

The FX on my Zoom G3 are excellent, and the amp emulations are OK, but not as good as the effects.

Never tried the Nova, but I like their delays.
Boomerang's E-155... a great sounding delay (no tone coloration) that also has a chorus function... one of the better sounding choruses that don't sound like crap (digital). The pedal is very organic in nature with both delay and chorus.

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