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Multi-Use Passive Speaker Recommendations

Pretty new here, lurk a fair amount, post infrequently, willing to do some more home work.

I've got an excellent pair of Yamaha NS-10m that I have used for studio monitors with my home recording hobby. They are also the only decent pair of speakers that I currently own, so they are used as my main stereo speakers.

I own a Sansui AU-517 amplifier that just returned from being restored / recapped today.

I own an electric guitar and plan to purchase an axe FX (eleven rack right now).

The person who did the recap, remarked more than once on the base response of the Sansui. I get the impression, that I might be well served by getting a set of speakers with a larger LF (say 8-10"), so that I can hear what this amp is capable of producing vis-à-vis low end.

I would like to use this amp as the center piece of my home audio system in my very small living room (perhaps 600 sf) and use it to listen to rock music (and well, a lot of Steely Dan, too).

I would also like to channel my home studio efforts through it as well, but I sense the NS-10m's are already fine and flat for that.

I plan also to play my guitar through it FRFR.

My budget is around $1000 for a pair of speakers, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. The guy who fixed the amp is a vintage buff, and gave me some great options of vintage passive home stereo speakers (B&W, etc), that are impossible to find and would require my testing various parts of their condition before I could even be assured of their utility.

Am I wrong in thinking that I could find one pair of current production speakers that, along with the Yamaha's, would be perfectly suited for these various purposes?

The amp is rated 60w per channel, but the recap guy thinks that with the rebuild it is driving closer to 100w per channel. So, if I am correct, I think there are nice speakers out there that would require more power than what I have to really sound good, so they are out.

I have been searching on the internet, and have not really found what I am looking for. I looked a bit in the archives here, but perhaps my keywords were poorly chosen. I plan later to get a good powered monitor (like and Adam A7x) just for the guitar.

I apologize if this question has already been presented here before and I somehow missed it.

Anyone care to share any thoughts or wisdom on this subject?

Thanks in advance!



Some of the old very efficient speaker systems (from the days when 60W was considered a thundering amount of power) would give you what you need. For example (and I'm not recommending these, necessarily, because they take up a LOT of room), the old Altec A7 Voice of the Theaters were very efficient, in part because they were often driven with 35W (per channel) of tube power and expected to fill a theater with relatively distortion-free sound.

If you can find a pair of 15" Altec 604e or 604-8H speakers (these are coaxial speakers that have a tweeter built into the center), you can actually have a furniture builder make a cabinet (the correct dimensions are out there, and you do NOT need someone who builds guitar speaker cabs to build these) for relatively cheap, and stuff these into them. There are quite a number of sources of information on the intertoobs about these speakers, and even sets of complete plans for speaker cabinet construction for these speakers, like this one: http://home.earthlink.net/~jmarkwart/id10.html

(Edit: Never mind on those 604's, unless you find some lurking in a dusty cabinet in a church somewhere. Those frippin' things are now selling for $750 and up on eBay. And I think I have half a dozen of the stupid things in my storage unit!)
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