multieffects ,what year were they made (public could buy them)


multieffects ,what year were they made (public could buy them)
I don't have the motivation to expend the energy on looking this up for so many different multieffects, let alone to then retype it for you, but I do have a suggestion for you:

When I want to find out when a particular music product was first introduced, I do a Google search on "(company name) (product name) NAMM" and/or "(company name) (product name) Musikmesse" in order to see when it was announced. If I then want to narrow down soecifically when the product hit retailers, I then do a further Google search for a date range for the next six months (specified using the built-in Google search tools) and then with narrower and narrower search windows to see when retailers started listing it for sale. Finally, if i need absolute verification, I will use the Internet Archive to see the precise date when a product listing showed as available, as opposed to a pre-order.

Be sure to post regarding all the units you did the research for, since it would be interesting if you shared the answers to your extremely broad question.

I'm assuming you care enough about your own question to answer it of course, especially since now you have the knowledge and ability to do so. If not, it would be easy to then understand why someone else would also avoid investing the time and energy as well.

Good luck, happy research, and I look forward to reading your results!


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I bought a Yamaha SPX90 in the early 80's, that was pretty early in the game. Did only one effect at a time but it was still amazing to have so many in one box.


I remember Ibanez racks with controller pedals, ART SGE, and then the Roland VG-8 was the first I messed with that had amp models and guitar models as well.


I remember the Roland GP-8 coming g out back in '86.

A friend of mine got one and I remember playing through it and being absolutely amazed. I had never gotten those types of sounds before... big rich chorus-y distortion tones with delay..

I finally bought one of my own about 10 years ago and I still love the sound! Still plug into it and jam out with it every once in a while.


my first multieffect was a GP8

GP8 and FC100 controller set me back $1700 in 1986

I had 3 amps modified for fx loops. Used that rig thru '95. Still have it, as well as many others I picked up on fire sales.

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Ibanez had some of the earliest multi-effects, very early 80's. Racks with floor controllers and floor boards, UE series.

Boss had some really early stuff too, but I don't remember seeing Boss multi's until at least the mid 80's. The earliest I remember were the ME-5 and ME-10 and BE-5.



I owned the a Digitech GSP21. I think that was one of the earliy solid-state guitar rack preamps with digital multi-FX. The ART SGX 2000 was another rack unit from that time/era. Man that GSP21 sucked for guitar tones...but the digital delays and reverbs were pretty sweet. I believe the GSP21 was introduced in 1987 or 1988. I remember purchasing it relatively shortly after it was introduced. There were a few "face-lift" versions that came a few years later...the GSP21 Pro and the GSP21 Legend. Then, of course, came the GSP2101, which had a 12AX7 based pre-amp.

I also owned the original Line 6 Ax2-212. I am pretty certain that was in fall of 1996.
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