MultiFx options while saving up for single pedals.. (Beginner Alert)


Hey guys.....sorry for the longish post but hope you kind people could offer me some advice/pointers on my pedal plan (all prices converted to USD)...

Recently, I was inspired to pick up the guitar for the first time in over 15 years and get into playing again. Now at 40 and having moved from England to Australia - it’s more for relaxation than anything - but it’s been great. I can’t believe I let it go for so long!

On a technical level, I never really progressed beyond chords (open and basic barres) and the basic pentatonic box position so have decided this time to engage a bit more with the theory.

I am fully aware that at my level practice is key – but when I was young always loved playing with mates pedals as a fun distraction.

At the moment I have a new Artist (Australian for Harley Benton) Jazz master style guitar running into a Boss Mini Katana. I do have an Epiphone Sheraton, Peavey Bandit Redstripe and a battered old Boss Delay pedal (from my days fooling around in a band in the late 90’s) back in my ma’s house in England but have been quoted over $600 (!) to get it sent over – so that projects on hold for a while (I can get gear on installments but that's a fair old whack to spend in one go on shipping)

Ultimately, Id like to go single pedals into my Bandit when I eventually get it sent over. However, Im temped to get a cheap up to mid price mfx pedal to tide me over until I start the single pedal addiction.

I’m caught in between a few choices – its option paralysis so to speak. Pedals are dear here so hence why the costs might seem higher in USD.

A - Get a super cheap multi fx to tide me over. E.g. the Zoom G1X four is about a $120, Vox Stomp Lab $90 and the Mooer Ge100 about $60.

B - Get a mid-range multi pedal – really like the look of the Zoom G5n ($300) or Mooer GE200 ($350)

C - Sack off single pedals and get an expensive pedal like the Line 6 HX ($625) while still getting a cheap pedal to tide me over while saving up.

D - Something else I’m missing? Boss Katana ($320) for the 100W head with the built in practice speaker) for example or something else completely (Zoom Multistomp??)….

My roots are firmly in 90s Britpop (The early Oasis sound inspired me to pick up a guitar in the first place) and love a bit of crunchy blues and the odd poor man’s Gilmour/Radiohead/Ambient Swell single string noodle (the sort that sounds great with heavy delay and reverb) so that’s what I’m looking to achieve tone wise.

Any tips offered would be great everyone! Thanks.


You might be able to pick up a used BOSS MS-3 for around $350-400 which is a multi fx unit as well as 3 loops for your own pedals. I think the effects sound quite good.


I thought the RP360XP punched above its' weight in the tone department. They can be had cheaply enough, maybe even down under!

But the hxfx is something you likely won't outgrow; even once you start building a pedalboard you'll find uses for it.


if you're willing to spend $120, you can pretty easily string together 3-4 pedals that will get you where you want. That way, you can already start if you are interested in something bigger later. Spending $100 now on something you don't plan on keeping is kind of a waste.


I had the Zoom Multi Stomp 50 and have never hated a pedal more. You won't find a more tedious, cumbersome, poorly designed pedal on the market. Couldn't sell that thing fast enough.


Get a used POD. I've learned alot about what I like from these things. Not just pedals, but I bought a Supro because I liked the amp model so much. The stuff I used alot got the individual pedal. It can get expensive, but you can take your time as cash becomes available.


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I would say get a cheap multi fx to figure out which types of effects you really like and then start on the single pedal collection. I have an old Digitech RP3 (around $50 on Reverb) that I use to play around with effects that I don’t own. Then when I outgrow the RP3 version I buy a proper pedal for that type.


Don't know if you can get them in AUS, but I got a Digitech RP100 on Craig's List for around $50. Good compressor, reverbs, delays, modulation, the distortions aren't that great but OK for practice. Also there's a 16 second looper, lots of fun.


All the options will work and sound equally meh through a Katana *mini* imo.

I would base my decision around my general preferences such as, do I like menus, am I buying for now or for the future, do I prefer analogue or digital.

One thing to keep in mind is that now that you joined TGP, what you think about gear *now* will change rapidly many times over in the next few months. Now, you may think that a Bandit with a TS is heaven, but in 6 months you may be looking down on Kempers and Mesas. Just sayin :p


Going pure digital multi-fx or analog singles isn't the only option. For example you have a respected digital amp, with extra options through USB control probably, add a fuzz or OD, or a bit more, in front (just not a clean boost type idea since it's driving digital). In some ways it's easier to control multi-fx when they can be compartmentalized, and the sound is also better than most cheap digital effects by themselves.

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