Music LED Controller for instantly automated live lightshows


I recently developed an all new Music LED Controller called ViVi. It produces amazing lightshows in real-time to any music. With real-time tracking for any song, the most intricate lighting effects, and fully-independent operation ViVi blows away other LED controller's capabilities.

ViVi has 3 separate outputs, one each for bass, mids, and treble which plug into any WS2812B lights to provide power and data . Audio is input to a 3.5mm jack using an aux connection or microphone. Add 5 Volt power and let the show begin. Set up in less than 30 seconds!

I just put it on Kickstarter and there are a limited number still available for $129, all remaining Kickstarter orders will be $159; eventual retail will be $199-$249. I put the link and a demo video below.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more details:

Here is the latest demo video:
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Please ask any questions you have. I will be making additional videos and additional content to cover all the questions I receive.

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