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Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by benxiwf, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. benxiwf

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    May 19, 2009
    Hi All,
    I am currently a school music teachers and one of the things I teach is a 7th and 8th grade general music class. Right now we cover a lot of very basic historical things, information about instruments, simple composition projects - basically a class for kids not involved in chorus or band activities in school.

    The administration has given us the go to restructure the class for next year and to provide very modest funding. I think we are going to make the class for at least one of the grades take place in a lab next year. If we do this, we will have simple 25 key midi keyboards - that is it. If we were Mac based, I would create a 9 week class based around Garage Band since it would be free and give a lot of opportunities - looping, basic recording, basic keyboard skills, etc.
    Since we are not Mac based I need some ideas of some alternative programs. I have played around with as something we could use for a looping project, but it isn't super versatile. I have also found some good drum machines online and some other simple resources. Does anyone know of a cheap (preferably free given our school's budget) software/shareware that can be used on Windows, provide a good variety of sounds for a midi keyboard input, preferably have some loops available, and any other educational features are a plus. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  2. Dave Klausner

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    Jan 17, 2007
    Reason is an excellent tool for teaching everything from music theory, to synthesis, to recording technology. It's not free, but there are site licenses available.

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