Musical Crisis: How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve?


I recently got my old band back together to play a reunion show at our local historic theater, last Friday 12/30, for the first time since 1998. We had about 10 original songs that we mixed into a 25 song set, and I had a great time; albeit, with a little more time to prepare, and without a bunch extraneous obstacles, we could have had a much better show! We practiced about 7 times between 11/15 and 12/29 to get ready for the show.

3 of the 4 members of my current band were in the old band line up.

Since the minute the show ended, I've been suffering some sort of personal music crisis. During the practices for the reunion show, the attitude of our drummer (drummer for my current band, and added to the original line up for the reunion show because our old drummer wanted to be the front man) has really negatively affected me. He wasn't prepared for some of the songs, and his negativity really changed how some of the practices went, leading to me being unable to work on certain songs and pieces of the originals that I wanted to iron out, or change. I didn't let it affect me at the time, because his dad got sick in October, and died 10 days before the show. But I can't shake the shadow of this, and I think it is symptomatic of our lack of progress in our current band, and why I stopped trying to bring originals to our current band.

My current band plays about 30 times per year, and we turn down probably that many shows due to family and scheduling conflicts, and we get paid great money. I don't want to blow that up, but this whole "reunion" experience has left me wanting. The old band isn't getting back together either; family and scheduling conflicts for that make it impossible to do anything but maybe a yearly reunion. I looked at my current band's song list of 180-ish songs before our show on 12/31, and thought to myself "I don't want to play these songs, one more freaking time."

I want to play music in front of people until I die. I can't help but think that me getting out in front of my "career path" and deciding where it is going to go, versus solely reacting to it, will ensure longevity.

Right now, I feel super compelled to make some decisions, and get moving in my musical life. I'm not sure why, what to do, where to go, how to do, nor with whom to do it. I just feel like I have more in me than I'm able to get out right now, and I think I need some serious changes to happen in order to see my potential to fruition.

Anybody else ever go through this sort of crisis??? What did YOU do?? Did it work for you??? What would you do differently??


You need to head over to eBay and the sales forums here and start buying tons more gear. Amps, pedals, backup guitars and then the PA gear. All of it. Everyone here knows the more gear you have the closer your are to your rock and roll fantasy.

That or Prozac.


i havent been a part of any band as successful as what you are dfescribing, but i did face something that felt similar to what i felt as i read your OP

i was in a handful of cover bands from 2000 to 2012 and played probably a hundred shows over that span ... it was pretty much always fine but rarely really awesome and even once in a while really sucky ... the last band was playing classic rock and blues covers and i just had no life left in me to play that stuff or deal with the terrible bassist (nice enough guy) so i gave notice (they replaced me AND the bassist and are still together better than ever) ... i took 5 years off and decided that the only thing that would get me back to playing was going to be original music ... it took 4 years but this time last year i answered an ad and found guys my age (50s) who only wanted to play original stuff ... in fact, i found 2 bands - one playing rock and one playing instrumental smooth jazz ... i couldnt be happier ... in fact, i played my first gig in 5 years last night with the smooth jazz group and had a blast

life's too short to do something that's not fun when its supposed to be for fun ... if i had to put food on the table playing music, i 'd play whatever i had to ... but as a hobby, i want to enjoy myself as much as possible

if i had to do it over again, i'd have started looking for an original project in 2000 and not just take the 'easy route' of finding classic rock / dance / blues cover bands

good luck

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