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Has anyone picked up the Musicom Lab EFX ME yet? This seems like it would be the perfect solution for me. I'm currently running a Carl Martin compressor, J Rocket Archer, Boss OC-2 and the pre side of my Strymon Mobius into the front of my amp. I have the post side of the Mobius and a TimeLine in the loop. I have an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo that I can use to change the channels, engage the boost and change between OD1 and OD2 on my Splawn Quickrood.

I only need the loops for the pre amp effects. The MIDI would be great to control the Strymon units and my amp. If anyone has experience with the EFX ME or any of the other Musicom units and would like to share experiences and thoughts... I'm all ears. Thanks!


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I haven’t used the ME but have the EFX MKIV, MKIII, and 6M. They have been great units for my set up. I’ve used them to control loops in the front and back of pre amp. You can program presets on a PC using their editor. The documentation isn’t great but it’s OK if you have some experience or can figure stuff out on your own. The new products might have better documentation and editor. If I needed a new switcher Musicomlab would be my first stop. Your application is pretty straightforward and you may be able to accomplish the same thing with a used EFX 6M. But I have no idea how much the ME costs - it might be a good value already. Good luck!


I only have experience with the old 62M (which the ME replaced), but that switcher was killer for it's size and price. Considering the ME myself and I think it would be perfect for your application as well.

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