Musicomlab MkIII


Hi there! I need some help with my Musicomlab efx MKIII. Here it goes:
Sorry i´m not using my english a lot, i hope you understand my question. I´m having some problems with my loop 5 and 6. When i´m connecting my Stompboxes (doesn´t matter witch one) in loop 5 or 6 and programm it (example on Bank 1, preset 1) and save it, than it works as soon as i´m pushing the preset 1. Now i´m changing to preset 2 (example fuzz in loop 4) and then go back to preset 1 again, then the effect of the stompbox doesn´t work (looplight at Mk3 and stompboxeslight are on)! Now when i take off the patch cable out of the mk3 return loop and push it again inside the effect of the Stompboxes sounds again. Everytime i´m disconntecing the Preset 1 and push it again i again don´t have the effectsound from the stompbox, i need always to take out the patch cable and push it again inside. What´s wrong with my MK3? Can someone help?

Thx a lot

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