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This is my new project. Influences: New York Dolls, Babyshambles, Libertines, Strokes, Danzig, Misfits, etc. We call it "stomp rock".

Recorded at my house (first time ever). Mixed by a pro producer of mine. I think he did a great job. My goal was record each song with a different guitar/amp/tube/speaker combo, but I ended up using mainly my '75 Gibson SG w/57 classic pus through my THD Bivalve with EL84s into my Tone Tubby Bomb 2x12 Cab (also my live rig now). If there's a particular song you want to know what's being used, I retained all the signal path info including knob/tone settings. A nice way to get back a specific sound.

'75 Gibson SG w/ 57 classics
Fender Jazzmaster '62 AVRI
Fender Telecaster Plus w/ red/blue lace sensors
PRS Hollowbody II (barely used on these recordings)

THD Bivalve (JJ EL84s, 6L6s, and EH EL34s)
Marshall 3x10 (my bro in laws, forget the exact amp style)
Two Rock Topaz
Fender Concert II 1x12 (used sparingly)
Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo (used on one song)
Tone Tubby 2x12 Bomb cabinet
Mesa Theile 1x12

ONLY ONE! Zvex Box of Rock

All mic'd using an SM57


I enjoyed everything on the page. Nice hooks and grooves. I really liked the vocals being out front. The only nitpicking I'll do is that my ears wanted to hear a little more bite from the guitars.

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