Sold Mustang Floor $100 PPG/shipped


Trumpets and Tants
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Mustang Floor. $100 PPG/shipped. Comes with aftermarket wall-wart as the original power cord went bye-bye. Comes with Mustang carrying case and usb cable for connecting to Fuse software. Velcro on the bottom and a strip where and external pedal was mounted.

In good condition with one big caveat. Expression pedal has been removed as I mounted some external pedals on it to make it a grab and go solution. I have the parts to put the pedal back on and working and will send if you want. All switches and other functionalities work as advertised. I had the external fender pedals (Exp and fs-4) and they both worked, just ended up selling them.

Here are the pics. PM me if you have any questions:


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