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Mustang v2 or other Grab and go less than 25lbs

I'm hearing lots of love for the Mustang v2 and there seems to be a consensus that the III is the way to go, but I am strictly limited to lift no more than 30 lbs (doctors orders) and the Mustang II is a do-able 24lbs. Looking to use this as grab and go for rehearsal with a medium hitting drummer. Will mike for gigs.

Will I be happy with the tone/feel of the II? Looking for sweet fender cleans to singing violin leads (think Eric Johnson) flavors. Are there other options that fit the bill? Thanks.


I'd go with Blackstar IDTVP series, if at all possible. The 15 should fit your weight requirement.


The II and the III are almost leagues apart. I played with guys that had personal lifting regulations, and what they did was get a small dolly or cart so they would only have to pick the amp and such up to place it. There's always that option. But, back to whether you'd be happy with one or the other, the III is more easily customize-able with the lcd screen and the knobs on the top. The II and I tend to need FUSE to get into the deep editing.


I have a Mustang II, and Benihana is correct. The II needs Fuse to get really into the editing, so you can't really change stompbox or modulation settings easily on the II without Fuse.
The III is MUCH more flexible, has an open back and a Celestion speaker. The II is ok for home use, but if I was going to gig with one of these I would definitely go for the Mustang III. I'm considering getting one myself, if I don't go all the way to the Mustang IV.
Thanks for the advice everyone! In short, I got them both. First got the Mustang ll and didn't like the speaker and closed back so took it back and got the Mustang lll. Also got the ID15.

To me these excel in their respective niches. The lll is great for Fender cleans (especially with my Cali76 in front) and the middle ground OD. The ID is superb with high gain and crunch (and the cleans are great too, but maybe not as Fendery as the Fender).

Im assuming the ID is not as loud as the lll, but it is very loud! Haven't had a chance to try the Cali76 with the ID yet.

I'm thinking this is the best of both worlds, being able to match the right grab and go with the gig, and maybe even get an A/B switch and bring both and use both in their sweet spots.


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A neo speaker will drop 4 pounds, or what I did was build a cabinet out of cedar. Mustang III with a 12" neo it's 16 pounds or 20 pounds with most other speakers.
A 16 pound amp is crazy lite!!!
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