I picked this up the other day to have for messing around with recording clips and such at home through my Yamaha AW16-G recorder. Mainly bought it to record some acoustic guitar stuff. For a hobbist recorder, like myself, you really can't go wrong for the price.

Last night, I used the 990 along with an SM 57 to record some electric clips. The 990 seemed to really bring the recording alive compared to using the 57 alone. I tried the M-Audio pre at first, but it seemed to be too hot of a signal for recording through an amp(Orange Rocker 30) at moderate volume. Almost like it was clipping, though it wasn't on the M-Audio or on the levels of my AW16. So just plugged the mic directly into the phantom powered in on the AW16 and it worked great.

This morning I used both the 990 and 991 straight into the AW16 to record acoustic. I put the 990 at the 12th fret and 991 at the bridge and got some really nice sounding acoustic tones with my Larrivee D-03WL. I'm really happy with the tones I'm getting so far in my 2 quick trial clips.
I will try the M-Audio pre latter recording acoustic and see how it sounds. I think it'll work there since the volume level is nowhere near what I had coming out of the amp.

Probably the best $100 I've spent recently. So basement and bedroom dwellers, this is a no-brainer purchase if you don't have any condenser mics.


Fantastic for vocals and acoustic guitar. It made my $150 Yamaha acoustic guitar sound vibrant and bright! Although, They seem kinda useless for electric guitar recording though, at least, for overdriven and distortion tones.

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