MXR....finding my perfect phaser.

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Well, I have been through so many phasers, HBE, Boss, every MXR, Maxon, Whirlwind and others.

    I always come back to a standard MXR block letter or EVH phaser. To me, these two sound the most thick and chewy.
    I thought the Whirlwind and M Zip R 1974 reissue didn't have that thick chew I like.

    You see, I only really use phaser on some solos, so it needs to stand out in the mix. The 74 reissue, I found too subtle and sometimes it was hard to hear if it was even on.

    My favorite phaser would have a switch to go from a subtle phase to a stronger and in your face phase. This way if we are playing a pink floyd song and I want some subtle phase, I have that covered. For songs where 8 need a nice lead boost along with the phase, the block mode gets it done

    perfect phaser I think.

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