MXR Phase 100 trimpot question


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I have an old script logo MXR Phase 100 that has been on and off my pedalboard for the last 30 years. A few years ago I decided the effect level seemed rather tame so I opened the pedal up and started messing with the only trimpot I could see in there:bonk
Anyway, now it seems my effect level is too high (Go figure!) so today I opened her back up and have been trying to find the best setting by ear.
I looked for a mark like the one Fulltone puts in his 69 fuzz to let you know where the factory setting is. My question is this. Is there a marking or anything else to let you know where the original factory setting was? I feel like I pretty much have it set okay but the TGP nerd in me is wanting to know if there is some little trick to recalibrating my Phase 100.
Or should I just take the pedal back off my pedalboard anyway as I rarely ever seem to use it.:huh

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