MXR Variphase pedal LED mod


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Hey all- A good friend of mine asked if I could install an led on her new pedal. Of course I said yes and have all the parts. However, it's not a wah. I was wondering how easy/difficult it might be to tap into the resistors and such.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time-Chris

I'll take some pics of it's guts when I get home from work.
If hers is the version with no footswitch, then it activates only when stepped on and disengages when you remove your foot from the treadle. In that situation, there wouldn’t be a need for an LED because it’s only on when you’re actively having your foot on it.

But if it’s the version with the footswitch, then yeah an LED would be helpful

Sorry, don’t have any actual useful advice. haha I’ll see myself out.

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