My 14 Yr old son living the dream :) Bludotone, Wildwood LP, Brass Band


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...thought you guys might get a kick out of this....Bludotone skyliner combo, Wildwood R9 Featherweight...


This was a COOL week! Mello and Ben Cloud got to go to Jazz at the River Band camp together for the first time. Ben did a great job in the advanced band and Mello made second chair in the Intermediate band.

The camp emphasizes improvisational playing by making the kids sight read a bunch of different music each day. Then, they vote on Thursday for 3 - 4 songs to play in the concert Friday night. Obviously, none of the songs are really polished like they would be for a state contest. In the case of the song below, Ben played it the first time on Wednesday and then not again until Friday. A total of 4-6 times over two days was all the "practice" that the band had on this piece before the concert.

The kids did an EXCELLENT job as did the Directors. Five or six of the kids in the band are headed off to college with music scholarships next year. Ben is headed into 10th grade. It was a big honor for him to get to play the finale piece and that the band voted for this song that he got to play lead on all the way through!

Ben says a special thanks to Stephen Hickerson, Brandon Montgomery (Mr. Bludotone Amps), and Wildwood Guitars!


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