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My backup rig and it's backup rig..


Really dig the GP-10 especially with the GK3 pickup installed on my guitar. Backup to this is all analog with no wah(couldn't fit it) and just need to take the out from the GP-10 and switch it to the analog out. Suppose I could have went with some kind of switcher and I still may but I dont "plan on" having to use the backup to the backup. Main rig is a Helix LT by itself.

However lately been wanting to field test this because it sounds great at home.


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Interesting strategy.
At its most intense, my rig was a small traditional pedalboard into a Maz Jr and I carried a Night Train head for backup and a Tech21 Liverpool for 3rd string.

The only time I needed an actual backup was for my Effects when a power supply failed in set break. I had to go with a single drive on battery power- no delay, Reverb, etc. After that, I started carrying a backup wall wart.

The sure way to not need a backup is to bring one.

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