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My Bird is Back


I just got my Firebird back from a much needed set-up. I bought in in 93 a week after graduating from high school. Anyway the frets were leveled and re crowned, trus rod and intonation adjusted. Frigging plays good again. Unfortunately I managed to pull something in my left index finger so she's going to have to sit till my finger loosens up. (BTW years ago the volume knob came off and went into another dimension so I used what I had laying around, just ordered in a new set)

The Jazzmaster is a Vintera Modified I bought new this spring. Been a pretty cool guitar so far.
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One of the best looking designs for an electric guitar. Truly captures the American automobile opulence of the 1950s. And with the mahogany wood being so beautiful it’s also shares it’s humble connection our worlds natural wonders.

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