(My Board Is) Wamplified!


I have to render more praise on the Wampler pedals!

My amp is the Ltd.Edition Deluxe Reverb with the Jensen speaker from the '57 Amp. This "softens" the DRRI a bit, making it extremely pedal-friendly on the non-vibrato channel.

Guitars: '52 Tele and '57 Strat AVRI's.

For my Wampler pedals, I wanted 60's (Plexi-Drive), 70's (Pinnacle), and 80's (Plextortion) Marshall. These pedals achieve exactly that. They are flexible enough where you can get one to sound similar to the others, but I try to set each of them to their quintessential sound, and never have to mess with them again.

Favorite? If I had to choose one, that emulates "Classic" Marshall tone it's the Pinnacle. I have the Deluxe version with the boost. It's probably not essential for single coils, because the boost does bring on some noise, even with a decent noise gate. It's fine with buckers. Just sounds like the "Marshall" tones in my mind.

For good measure, I bought the Cranked AC. Keep the gain and tone at relatively low levels, and it's classic Vox done well. I had the hand-wired AC15 for awhile, and yes, this emulates the sound extremely well.

The Wampler pedals lose no fullness when you engage them. If your amp is three-dimensional, it will also be with these pedals functioning. That's not an easy feat...


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