My Bugera V22 Experience


I ordered one in November from a large German retailer. *It was delivered within a week to me in the UK. *The amp worked fine at first. *I loved the tone and thought it was a perfect match for my PRS SE Soapbar. *After less than a week it developed a hum which was exaggerated by the master volume dial. *A few posters on various forums suggested it might be a dodgy tube, and I know that in the V22 the tubes are cheap Chinese ones, but I sent it back for an exchange as I didn't want to fork out £50 on tubes in an amp a week old.

The replacement arrived mid December. *The first night I used it, it developed a fault which was a prominent switching noise followed by a snare like rattle. * I believe this to be the voltage regulator fault that Behringer claimed to have fixed a couple of years ago. *This amp went back.

A 3rd amp arrived last Friday. *All seemed well but, on Saturday, this amp developed the same click/rattle fault as the previous one.*

As this seems to be an easy fix I asked the retailer to fix the amp under warranty - they provide a 4 year warranty and so I figured
that if I could get an amp I was happy with I would get plenty of life out of it with the warranty. *Anyway, they came back to me and said Behringer won't repair the amp, only exchange or refund. *

So I'm going to get a refund and probably look for something in the used market.

All in all a thoroughly disappointing experience. *I know plenty of people will say "I told you so", but there are as many people happy with their Bugeras as not, so I think they were worth a try. *I'm not a gigging musician at the moment so I'm not desperate for an amp, but my patience with Bugera/Behringer has run out. * *

Such a shame as I had high hopes for this little amp and I genuinely love the way it sounds.

I feel sorry for the retailer too - they've paid for 6 lots of postage now. *Hope they can claim that back off Behringer!


I've heard just the opposite. Behringer amps are built like tanks according to some peeps. Maybe a tank that took a bomb blast?

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Times like this is when this saying makes a boatload of sense - "You get what you pay for" When a cup of coffee costs $3 or more can anyone rightfully proclaim amps and guitars should cost nothing. Be realistic and buy it right the first time.


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It's too bad they're so unreliable. They sound pretty good for the few days they work.


It's too bad they're so unreliable. They sound pretty good for the few days they work.
My experience is just opposite. The amp (2nd one after the infamous channel-switching fault) funtions properly (I guess), but sounds like $__+:facepalm Drive channel is very fizzy! Wish I could sell it locally and cut my losses.


that's a shame

Mine is one of the best amps ive ever owned.
out of: Fender hot rod deluxe, Music Man HD130, Fender BF Bassman, Marshall 2x12, Vox AC30cc2x, Blackstar Ht40, various practice amps

Ive never had a single problem with mine and it sounds amazing.
...if something happened to mine, i'd buy another.

...i do understand that a lot of them went bad.
But the good ones ARE GOOD
Wow I am really sorry to hear that. I have a V22 that is over a year old and I have had no problems with it. I plan a retube in the fall. There does seem to be a quality control issue. What a shame because I get some really good tones from mine. I have been debating getting a second one as a spare.

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