My favorite is still my first....


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I've bought 4 guitars since September..

Kurt Cobain Mustang, love it
Epiphone 61 Reissue sg
Epi Black Dot Royale (didn't need it but couldn't pass up the musicians friend deal).. its real nice for what i payed and i've got some Seymour Duncan Vintage blues pups to put in it
last but not least the Tony Iommi sg for $175, i couldn't not buy it because the day before i got his signature amp.

plus a Ampeg GVT 50 watt amp (sent it back), Fender Excelsior, Pignose Amp, and now a Ampeg GVT 15 watt amp.... and somehow a Mahoney Bosstone and fuzzrite clone sneaked in there somehow.

I love them all, my wallet took a hurting but i got awesome deals on all of them. I plan to keep them forever. But going back to my first.. A Roadhouse Deluxe Strat i bought on craigslist.. Action was ****** on it for 2 years before i got it set up. But going back to it after playing all those different guitars and amps has really helped my ear. Plus i've been playing a whole lot more.. But when i play that guitar.. I'm literally one with it. I don't care if it sounds corny.

I'm done with buying gear for awhile.. i had a massive gas attack. But i've learned a lot in these few months.

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