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My first album People and Places


I released my first CD on June 22nd, called People and Places. The theme is a sort of musical road trip in the heartland of America. The songs have varied influences from jazz to folk and country, at the confluence of the varied musical culture and tradition that makes up the American musical ethos. The songs are meant to convey images of the great and ordinary people we meet and the beautiful and ordinary places that we visit.

You can listen to the tracks on Bandcamp or buy a copy there or at the other links in my signature. Like an old bluesman used to say: "If you like my music, buy my CD. If you don't like my music, buy my CD and give it to somebody you don't like!"


Because this is The Gear Page, here's a list of the gear that I used on the album.

2006 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue from the Memphis Custom Shop
2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard
2007 Gibson Northern Jumbo Limited Edition acoustic by Ren Ferguson at the Montana Custom Shop

Allen Old Flame 2x10 amplifier

Hermida Zendrive
Boss/Keeley Blues Driver BD-2
Fulltone Supa-Trem

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