My first experience with Pro Tools(let me have it)

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    I recently was given an old M box and Pro Tools LE 6.4. I also managed to score an old G4 with Panther on it(cause it won't run on Tiger or newer) I also bought a couple of very cheap condenser mics. I am not using a tube pre, even though I have one because I am trying to keep it simple, 2 mics->M box->computer->ears So over Sunday and yesterday I cranked out a couple of songs, mainly to get them recorded(I tend to write it all down then come back to it in months and have no idea of the tune/melody I had in mind) but also to use as practice for playing around in Pro Tools.

    I know the recordings aren't great, I had the mics about 10" from the soundhole on the acoustic guitar and about a foot from the pop filter for vocals. I recorded both the guitar and vocals with both mics so I could have a little more leway when mixing it all and so I could do stereo.

    Please, tear em apart, give me any and all advice about recording, I know the performances aren't the best, I just didn't have time to record and rerecord until it was perfect.

    The two new songs are Tweaker Pad (faster) and Thank God for TV
    link in sig.

    Thanks, Matt:RoCkIn
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