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My first pedal board build - comments?


This is my first attempt at woodworking. I started with a 20"x30" Gorm shelf and made a frame out of red oak. The frame is sized so that cables can fit between the top and the frame, which eliminated drilling holes for every pedal and allows pedal placement changes.

Oak frame with festive holiday table cloth.

Top mounted in place. I painted the edges with flat black and clear so that the gap on the sides had a finished look and was less visible. The rest of the top will be covered with carpet.

Cable space along the frame edges

Power wiring

Signal and power wiring - not as clean as I'd like, but I started to get impatient. I'm hoping that it won't be too noisy. Signal cables are made from Gepco X-band. Thin slits in the carpet allow wires through without showing a big hole.

AC Inlet

Completed board - I used carpet from Home Depot to cover the top. It's a perfect replacement for Velcro loop. Pedals are mounted with 3M dual lock, except for DL4 which is mounted with metal tabs screwed to the top.

Power and signal cable wiring - top side

Plenty of room for more pedals. Those are my next DIY projects.


Gold Supporting Member
Nice build, good choice of wood for your base. Maybe apply some Tru-oil to enhance the wood grain and protect the wood, it's easy to apply w/ just your fingers.


Thanks, guys. The oak frame has 5 coats of urethane, so it's as smooth as a baby's butt and ding proof, too.

Risewithfaith - Yep. It's a bit heavy, but manageable. The delay pedals and wall warts make up most of the weight. I plan to get rid of the WWs once I has some spare $$ for another supply.


Supporting Member
Very nice board! Five coats of urethane, wow! I thought I did a good amount on mine with two...

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