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My first “real” Tele is coming on Friday- help me pick an amp


Don’t tell my wife I’m buying another guitar
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Someone on TGP turned me on to this recently:

Thanks for posting these clips. The DB4 sounds very good. Kinda enjoyed the Zwreck a little bit more in the first video bc it sounded crisper. Could be bc the guy had the cut way up the whole time on the DB4


I have an American Vintage ‘52 Telecaster showing up on Friday and am looking for an amp to complement it

100% home player
wanting to get into playing country/chicken pickin stuff - I dig Brad Paisley type of sounds as well as old school pedal steel type stuff

looking at these 2:

Fender Chris Stapleton Princeton

Dr Z Carmen Ghia

I’ve never really gotten along with EL84s, but I like the clips of the Ghia I have heard

which one of these would you choose?

not really interested in other Princetons/clones
Just in case you didn’t know, Dr. Z makes a Z Wreck Jr now. Sounds killer with a tele. Spank city!


Jack Dotson

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Plus one for the MVP-23!

Marshall, Vox and Dumble type sounds. Sounds good with every guitar you throw at it and is extremely easy to dial in. Perfect for home use.


Hey fellow git picker... I read your post and felt compelled to reply because of a new amp that I just purchased. I play a Fender Strat SRV that I built myself without going the “Relic” style. I just can’t understand why beating up a beautiful Sunburst finish would be appealing to anyone. I went through the torment of choosing an amplifier that I would be happy with and would support many different styles and sounds that I have come to love. Having said that I was looking for a tube amp that would give me a killer “Clean” sound along with the characteristics of Super Reverb breaking up at it’s harmonic threshold such as Hendrix and Stevie Ray could achieve. I found the “Fender Super Champ X2 HD” was the very thing I was searching for. This is not the combo, but the Head and separate 12 x 1 speaker cabinet. Very reasonably priced and compact enough for home playing or sitting in with the boys. I am so pleased with this amp I wanted to tell the whole world about it. Please do yourself a favor and check this amp out before you purchase anything else. I promise you won’t be disappointed. This amp will deliver the sound you are looking for, especially with a Telecaster. Chickin Pickin and all.

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