My first recording

Improvisation over Carl Perkin's "Honey Don't" (Beatles version)


Recorded Guitar -> Digitech RP 500 -> Scarlett 6i6 -> Reaper.

Any comments on how to improve recording are appreciated. I'm still learning how to mix and record.

Lead guitar switches between my ES-137 and my strat.
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Cool, great first attempt! I certainly didn't sound that good on my first try.

As to improving, a few things, first, spend some time investigating how and what you prefer to record with. Protools is still the pc standard but don't overlook a nice free program like Audacity.

Second, practice, practice practice! In my opinion, the biggest area for technical improvement in your playing is your timing. Get a metronome or play with tracks and that skill will simply come with time.

Third, on this specific track. It might be worthwhile giving the various guitar tones a bit more variability, switch pickups, adjust the dirt levels or tones a bit more. Just to give the listener a bit more of a tonal challenge.

Hope that helps,
Thanks for the suggestions. I do realize that timing is something I need to improve. I didn't realize the problem until I started recording myself.

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