My first Steel Guitar instructional DVD


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I have finally finished and am preparing to have my first instructional DVD manufactured. This is an instructional DVD for Non-Pedal Steel Guitar and I'm proud as heck of the final results. I've literally handled every phase of the production, which took much more time, effort and money than I was prepared for, but in the end it is something I believe in fully.

The best part about it is when I got an email from Buddy Emmons giving me the blessing to use his song as the basis for the video. My concept is to teach the transcription of Four Wheel Drive, breaking it down bar by bar, melody and solo, then to offer a lesson on how to use the licks and techniques in the song to generate ideas and work them into ALL styles of music, from Jazz to Blues to Rock to Country. It took on a life of its own. Definitely not beginner material, although there are important tips in there that could benefit even the beginner.

Anyway, I know there isn't much interest in steel guitar in these parts, but I started playing guitar since the age of 7 and my passion for music has always left my mind open to the possibility of change, and that is basically what I've done, although I still gig as a guitarist, as well. It took quite a bit of effort to ease the guitarist mentality out of my steel playing--they are 2 different animals.

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Looks cool from the sample on your site. I'm very interested in steel guitar, so make sure you post when it's released. If you want any feedback from a stell beginner, let me know.

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