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My first time recording...tell me what you think!!


This weekend, our new band (we've been together for 3 months) wanted to record our progress and have something to share with others. We recorded in my basement on a Fostex Digital 4-track, recording the instruments live and then overdubbing vocals. We did three takes of each song and took the best one.

This is my first time trying to do this (in previous bands it was always up to somebody else, and they usually were using Pro-Tools).

I've been trying to read as much as possible and learn from others on TGP and links that have been posted here.

Please tell me what you think!
(Be honest!!!!.....it's the only way I will learn! Tell me about how the recording sounds, as well as what you think about the songs...Please!).

(After final mixdown last night and listening back, I kept the drums too low and the bass sounds muddy, as well as some other issues that hopefully others can point out).

Here is the link:


We have three songs there...thanks again for any input!

Rusty G.

Separation Anxiety is my favorite song. . .I feel it has the most potential. . .With that said. . .I think you guys got a great sound for just a Fostex 4 track.

Nice work!
I liked the first two and especially the first one. Good stuff. A little muddy, but def shows the talent's there. Third one kinda slow. In general, good to keep 'em kinda short and kinda fast. Hope that helps. You got talent there for sure so enjoy yer gig.