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My frets are too wide on my strat


The frets on my strat is "poking" a little (very little) out, but I can't remember that being like that before this winter (this is the first winter I have this guitar, got it last summer). May it be because of low humidity, and wood shrinking? Will it go back to normal when sommer comes, or if i get a humidifier?


Fret sprout. May not disappear when the humidity goes up. Either buy a small triangle file and carefully file the sharpness off and dress with a bit of steel wool or go to a tech and pay $20. My tele got fret sprout for the first time in 4 years from dry our winter was here. No big deal.


Let me guess.....maple board, right? Pretty common and easy to rectify. Do what daddyo says, but if you do it yourself, put masking tape along the side of your neck to avoid filing the wood.


The fingerboard is rosewood. Think I'll just leave it for now until the sommer - if that gets like it should be then, I'll get a humidifider for the next winter, if not, I'll get a pro to look at it.


If it is humidity you would have also noticed having to tune your guitar up over the winter as the lenth of the neck would also be affected making the strings go one or two notches flat. Adding more string tension will then mean snugging the truss a hair to compenste. You will see a slight increase in relief on the neck if that is the case as well.
Yeah, just fret sprout. It happens as the wood dries and probably will get better as the temp warms but may not go away completely, I've noticed this more on MIM guitars FWIW. A humidifier is always a good idea for guitars, especially acoustics, but electrics benefit as well.

I've been doing this kind of work a lot lately. It would require filing the frets. Usually I do a full redress and crowning while I'm there. A competent tech could do it very quickly and probably not charge too much. If you're interested in trying it yourself you can get books on the subject from www.stewmac.com.

Where are you located?

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