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My geetars


Here ya go.

The SG is a '61 reissue built in 2005. It has a lot of dings and playwear, but I love it! Her name is Petra, after my teacher Latin in high school, she told me that only by determination people could actually get somewhere. And since it's the same with guitar playing, I called her Petra.

Desired upgrades in october: P-rail neck pup, Bigsby

The ES-339 I picked up in the States (I'm from Belgium, so big deal for me;)). I called the first ES-339 Stella Clarissima, 'The brightest star', but the straplocks got loose and I had to return it. The guys at Guitar Center gave me another one in the exact same color. I called her Stella Secunda, 'Second star'. I love her as well!

The Ibanez is just for fun, it's a modest acoustic guitar.

The Vox is the best. Period.
The pedals work for me.

Thanks for lookin'.


Guitar Goober

Nice '61 RI! I've been tempted with one of those for a while myself.

Cool finish on Stella Secunda too. I'm a huge fan of bursts.


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