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My German Sextet is complete... Teuffel content


Now I have nothing more to dream about - at least for the next couple of months. After getting the awesome KOLL double neck guitar - I got two more guitars this year - all German,
an Andreas Kuntz (he'S actually spelled with a "C" at the beginning, but for obvious reasons, TGP doesn't accept that spelling) acoustic guitar with a 33-year-old spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides and a Schatten Artist pickup.
The other one is a nylon string guitar made by Albert & Mueller with spruce top and Indian Rosewood sides and back. This one has a built-in RMC-pickup with grants me synth access.

The archtop is built by Johannes (or Joe) Striebel, hand-carved spruce top with maple sides, back and bird's eye maple neck.

Then there is a nylon fretless MIDI FRAMEWorks guitar built by Frank Krocker, a great instrument.

And finally my two beloved Teuffel teslas, one classic with 7 strings and one MIDI.

They are all awesome - and - yep - all lefties:



Stunning collection! You have any of your music posted online or CDs for sale? Your clip in the other thread about the new Teuffel was intriguing.

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