My GigRig Pro14 is hands down the best thing I've bought in 5yrs!


After much procrastination, I finally bought a GigRig MIDI-14. Bloody expensive! I'm scared to look into my bank account and will be living off eggs from the chooks & ducks in my backyard until my next payday...

but damn it will be worth it! I've had enough of the tap-dancing and unplugging things over and over, and also I like how there's a buffer function which can be preset for each loop, as well as volume drop/boost function. And of course the ease of programmability.

I really like their YouTube videos which explain how to set the whole thing up. Very helpful. Thanks Dan!

Once everything is kitted out I'll finally do some clips and have a decent photo of it all.

Its my pleasure. Look forward to the clips and if there's anything else you need just get in touch.


This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!! I'm definitely getting one!! Do you guys know where I can get the pedal stand shown in Dan's videos? Thank you!

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