My guitar work for Hispanic artist.

Okay someone told me i could get some session work done for a hispanic artist to make some cash..... this is not what I expected. Turned out cool. Heres the link. Songs are on the right side of the page halfway down.

I did all the work on
AHora tu
And rhythm and solo on Cayendo en tu red.

Let me know what you think.

Gear used. Strat sometimes les paul, sparkle drive and or ac booster,verbzilla and or nova delay into tophat superdeluxe. Neuman room mic and e609 close mic. It was all recorded with a mackie onyx.... the guy "carlos samayao" engineered it all by him self. Kinda one of those things where the engineer was smarter than the equipment.
Good job... Nice solo layering on Cayendo en tu red.

Ha thanks man. I dont know what it is man, I could not play the whole thing through in the studio so I had to do separate tracks for each part of the solo. But at the same time i wanted this to be a section solo where i wrote it part by part. Im completely new to this so thats why i want feedback. Thanks

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