my instrumental solo material

First edition of Guitar Day Festival in Bucharest,sharing the stage with Guthrie Govan ,Matthias IA Eklundh ,Jose De Castro and Richard Hallebeck (This year's performers are Andy Timmons,Greg Howe,Brett Garsed,MAB and Richard Hallebeck)
Guitar is an Ibanez AT 300,amp is a Bogner X-tacy,cab is an Addict 2x12 w greenbacks,wah is a Budda,delay is an TRex replica in the effects loop

This is another song from my upcoming material,it somehow reflects the changes I've been going through in the last 2 years
Guitar is my old 1972 strat,amp is a Fuchs ODS Custom 20,cabinet is an Addict 2x12 w grenbacks,delay is a T Rex Replica
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